2018-2019 Full-time - Tier 2 (true cost) - FULL FEE (deposit + balance in one payment)

2018-2019 Full-time - Tier 2 (true cost) - FULL FEE (deposit + balance in one payment)

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Compass full time members have full access to the Compass space, staff, workshops and classes for the year. Your fees include:

  • weekly mentoring with one of our staff members to help you set up and achieve your academic, social and emotional goals for the year, as well as assistance in career planning
  • the option of taking any or all of our classes
  • assistance in seeking additional tutoring if needed
  • assistance in finding career mentors
  • the option to attend any workshops offered by Compass

To help us make Compass accessible to everyone, please select the tier that best reflects your family’s budget when you register.

We offer families flexible payment arrangements including yearly, term, or monthly payments. Fees must be paid in full OR post-dated cheques for the full fee must be sent to Compass by Sept. 1, 2018. Online payment can be done through Shopify (either credit card or PayPal) on our registration page. Any payment returned due to insufficient funds is subject to a $30 administration fee.

  • Payment is due Sept. 1, 2018
  • Early Registration: Registration received before July 15, 2018 will receive a 10% discount.
  • Late Fee: 10%/month
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